Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am currently car pooling with 2 other Americans. After the thanks giving weekend, one of them asked me if I celebrated it by having turkey. I replied that I celebrated by going out and not having turkey as I am a vegetarian :-)

One of them asked me on why am I a vegetarian? I said that it is the practice for generations together. The topic shifted and he asked me if it is true that I have thousands of Gods in my religion. I answered affirmatively. He, being a staunch believer of another religion, was asking me if there is not one God, then why am I worshipping so many? I wanted to give a concise reply to him as our station was just a few minutes away. I said that my religion is closely integrated with Nature. We see every object as a personification of God. The sun, fire, water, earth, sky, rain, moon and even every star is given importance. We also see God in various relationship as a mother, father, teacher, son, etc. Hence,it is of no wonder that we indeed have so many forms. Our topic of discussion ended as we reached our station.

I started to think more about the explanation given by me. What I said about closeness to Nature, is really true about my religion. We indeed had a "Bhoomi-Pooja" before starting the construction of our home. I do know that we have special prayers during Pongal, which my dad insists doing in the open area so that we can pray directly under sun. We pray the nature (sun/rain/earth) for a good harvest for the farmers and a year without any flood/famine for the welfare of everyone in the world. Most of the pooja is being done with the special mention of our birth star. I do know my friends who have prayers to a tree during the special month. Even, my sis also offered special prayers to God (upon the insidtence of my mother), when she had to kill the 3 snakes in our garden.

But, I find myself cribbing when I hear a bollywood actress marry a tree to remove the influence of her stars. I even read a few blogs condemning the act. Some of them, whom I know are quite religious. Infact, to the American with whom I was explaining about my religion, will not my actions look similar to the bollywood actress when I say I pray sun or I consider Peepul tree to be sacred? Then, Why am I cribbing so much about the actress' belief? It is her belief that such an act is going to help her hubby live longer. Do I really have the right to do it?

I am confused !!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nov26 -Tag

Tagged by Vidhya, here are some weird things about me .......

- I am very good at remembering things which I like the most. Usually, I remember even the colour and design of the actors' costume in the movies I like. I have been chided by my mom that had I used my gray cells for remembering other things, I would have fared much better in life. (No regrets from my side :-)) But to say the truth, this is not only with cinema, even with studies. I can quote verbatim of some of the "Kabhir or Rahim Dohas" that I had memorized 10 or 15 years ago.

- I remember the position of articles and can easily make out when things go out of place. My mom had found it extremely difficult to keep the snacks out of my reach. Though she made sincere attempts in keeping the dabbas back in position, yet a few degree of change in their orientation, is sufficient enough for me to trace it:-) This is not only in our kitchen. I have found that I can make out the changes made in my sis' living room showcase or furniture. It is not that I want to really observe it. I find that my mind registers it though I dont want it to.

- Well, on the other side, I am extermely absent minded. A zenith in remembering certain (unwanted, useless!!) things has a nadir in me forgetting some important stuff. This happened in my school days during my eighth grade, when I did not check the exam timetable properly. I ended up preparing for history exam when I actually had the geography exam. I realized my folly 5 minutes before the exam, when my friend clarified her doubts with me. There has been "unwritten" exam, when I forgot to go to school, as I mistook the day of exam as a holiday. Everyone at home, proactively made copies of my timetable during my public exams and pasted it in every nook and corner of the home, to remind me as well as themselves, of my exam schedule :-)

- I love to keep my books clean. I am not finicky about other things but I hate when people mishandle my books. I dont like to give my books to friends who have the habit of dog-earing or licking their fingers before turning the pages. I usually dont give my books to friends whose fingers are smeared with ink. Infact my sis is worst at maintaning books. The cover and the first few pages are usually missing in her text books. These books are usually handed over to me after a few years. I double or triple cover them with chosen colourful news papers, esp the ones which have saree ads or calendar sheets. Infact, seeing her books in such a good shape, she keeps teasing me that I need to take the books out of my shelf and use them rather than maintaining them new.

- I have the bad habit of doing things half baked, like say, not restoring things after using them. Previously, this was not having major effect as I had sufficient time to go back to things and completing them. But now with a demanding a year old toddler at home, I at times, find home in a total mess, as I leave things half complete to cater to his needs.

- I love to cook. More than cooking, I love to decorate it and present it well. I usually try to decorate my dishes and serve it like the way it is done in hotels. Infact, my sis cooks very well and she ropes me in to give the finishing touches. This is not only with cooking, I can even improve the "maa kolam" of my sis with all decorative works and enhance her already beautiful kolam. But I am lazy too. The very idea that I have do the dishes after cooking, makes me come with simple recipes with lesser work:-)

- I have never been in interested in the "girly" things. I have not discussed about beauty tips or dressing etiquettes when in school or college. I have not even paid much attention to it. I have not worn bangles (except for rare occasions) till my marriage. When I see my friends come with all matchy-matchy stuff, I really wonder how they manage to do it. Infact, I find my son's nanny dressing him up with even matching socks. She will refuse a particular dress as it does not have matching socks. I wonder why I never do it? All that matters to me, is whether he is decked up enough, to protect himself from the cold. Infact, I tease my husband that he spends more time in front of the mirror than me.

- I am very interested in "nerdy" things. Infact, my folks at home had a hearty laugh when I was using the maths tables / laws in physics for my sons' lullaby. I had even completed the Mendeleev's table :-) when my son was 3 weeks old. This is when my hubby reminded that my son might doze off in school if I am going to use all this for his lullaby. so, I stopped it :-)

Oops .. I am listing more than the required number and letting the secrets out of my bag... let me stop it here !

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sep 27

I really dont know what is happening to me. The actions which have affected me or rather wounded me in the recent past, have been playing in "repeat-mode" in my mind. The more, I try to forget them, greater is the frequency of my recollection of the events.

My dear ones and I are hurt so much for no fault of ours or rather by the others' ignorance/we-know-it-all attitude. I really feel like paying back these people with their own coin. I just want them to bite back their words. The fact that I am forced to be tongue tied, magnifies my anger by zillion times. The ones dear to me, poor souls, become the target of my fury. This further intensifies my anger as I am hurting Peter to pay back Paul.

The bottled up anger pops its ugly head in various incarnations like pounding headache, acerbic words thou' I never intend to say, disinterest in everything in life esp work. I have edited Tagore's Gitanjali to reflect my current thoughts

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;

Where the human relationship has not been broken up

into fragments by narrow domestic walls;

Where words come out from the depth of truth;

Where the clear stream of reason

has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;

Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action---

Into that heaven , my God, let me awake.

oh God ! please help me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi

I really enjoy Vinayaka Chathurthi esp for the yummy kuzhakattais and the "clay" pillaiyar. Even now, my mouth salivates when I think about Amma's kuzhakattais. Appa always insist on buying the "clay" pillaiyar only in the morning. He is so meticulous that he chooses the biggest basket in the home and keeps a wooden plank at the base. This is to ensure that the fresh clay does not touch the sides of the basket and change its mould. The choice of umbrella and preparation of garlands from the flowers in our garden, add more pep to the function.

We did not celebrate the function this year. But last year's function is the one, I enjoyed the most. When we we were planning on how to celebrate the function without the clay pillaiyar, Srini gave the idea of making our own pillaiyar. We were all thrilled and eager to put our skills together. We got the play dough and pillaiyar was on his way to our home :-)

Find the snaps - men at work ... he he he, technically, I was also helping them by taking pictures of their hardwork and making the "meenjur":-)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jun 5 2007

Yes.. I am back to writing blogs.

Today I came across an article speaking volumes about how the work space have become fun filled arena, how employers take extreme care of the employees, blah blah blah. I really dont understand why the media is giving such hypes about few employers. I do not deny that they take care of employees but it really infuriates me when such employers are projected as demi-gods. C'mon, we do our work and they do make profit based on our inputs too, apart from their business acumen. There are companies which have provided pools, gyms, sports club , school for the employee's children back in 60's and 70's. I do not understand why there is so much hype and hoopla about the employee welfare programs given by the IT companies.

One of the oft- discussed topic with my friend is, "Are we really enjoying our lives in a cozy environment?". I really like her words of "corporate slavery" !! She asked me if my boss will accept without any qualms when I inform him/her about taking a day off. I could not give an affirmative reply. I have seen my neighbour who is with the Govt office taking a day off just b'cos he had not taken leave for 3 months and he wanted to relax for a day. I am sure I would not have done that because they very thought that I shall be swamped with double the work load on the ensuing day, will put the idea on the remotest corner of me mind.

Is it true that we have become a corporate slave? Have we forgotten the art of living?

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mar 31, 2006

I wont call myself a film fanatic or even a fan but the tinsel world news really attracts me. I had been constantly berated by my mother for paying more attention to the Cinema rather than academics. The chidings are usually marked with the words that had I paid the same or atleast half the attention of what I do to cinema, towards studies, I would have done better in this life. ok...ok..no repentance !!

The blog world really brought to my notice the number of people who share similar interest in movies. But lately, I am finding it really difficult to sit and watch a scrappy movie. When in college and school, there have been times when I have not missed the sloppy movies shown in DD, inspite of the series of advertisements. Nowadays, I am hardly able to sit for more than 10 minutes, if the movie is bad. The hindi movies are also no exception, I find most of them to be highly unendurable.

I realised my intolerance towards bad movies with Sivakasi. My goodness, what a scrap it is!! I just could not hold myself for more than 20 minutes. I was awestruck when my friend told me that the second half was bearable than the first one. I asked her on how she was able to sit thru', as I know she is more irked by such movies.

The latest in the list is Thambi. My god !! I promised Srini that I will not complain and shall undergo the ordeal. But after 10 minutes, I issued an ultimatum that if Madhavan is going to roll his eyes again or shriek or indulge in a fight within the next 15 minutes for more than 3 times, then I am done with this scrap !! God had the grace on me, I could turn the ultimatum into action !!

Is it the falling standards of Kollywood or am I growing older???

Friday, February 10, 2006

Feb 09, 2006

"Madam , Soappu vangareengala, agarbathi kooda irukku"


Atlast, I broke the shackles of my laziness and de-rusted my phalanges to type a few lines in our blog. I have never raked up serious issues in my blog. I dont know for sure if the ensuing lines, really have some gravity in it.

Few months ago, My hubby and I met a couple in the Department store. They gave a friendly smile. This was followed by the exchange of cliched lines of intro. We shared our phone number too. I dont know if we pursued a bit further, b'cos the guy worked in my ex-company or the tamil-tamil bondings.

The incident was completely erased off my memory, but a phone call from the lady, prolonged the acquaintance. This was followed by their friendly visit and a formal invite to their home as well. My hubby was sure that they are into marketing. Hence from the first phone call, we were also keen on not making it a closer-to-heart relationship. We were trying to find if they were into marketing, but we could noy find any hints. We obliged to their invite and went to their home. At the end of the conversation, we could feel the marketing pulse. Hence we were not interested in pursuing the relationship further. We declined their offer asking us to attend a presentation on using "E-COMMERCE FOR HEALTH AND AWARENESS".

I know about, one such marketing company in India - Amway or Ambway (however it is spelt). During my college days, One of my friends wanted me to join the group or atleast buy its products. I neither had the interest nor the money to heed to her request.

Well, the whole point of me mentioning the above is,
- Why do marketing people use the same startegy?
- Why are they so disinclined to reveal that they are into marketing in the first place?
- Why, like managers, they speak though ambiguous yet flamboyant terms like e-commerce, health, e-business, integration into domestic life, quick-success etc? I am sure half of them dont know the meaning of it.
- Who provides the momentum to such people ?
- Why do common people try to avoid them ?

Please let me know, if you have answers to the questions